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Divorce Canada

"What are the grounds for a divorce in Canada?" The Canada Divorce Act recognises three grounds for a divorce: adultery, cruelty and being separated for one

Divorce Costs and Timing

"How much will my divorce cost?" The cost of your divorce depends on the complexity of your case and on how well you and your former

6 Divorce Threats — And Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Them

Divorce is messy, no doubt about it. When a relationship ends, it’s not unusual for people to say things without thinking. So it’s not surprising that

Common Canadian Divorce Laws Myths

Myth: To speed up the Canadian divorce process, moving out as soon as possible is a good idea. Truth: No matter how bad things are at

4 Ways to Avoid a Messy Divorce

Although all divorces are painful, there are steps you can take to make your divorce more civilized. It is important, especially where child custody issues are


If you’re considering ending your marriage, learning to speak the “language” of divorce in Canada is an important first step. Below you will find a brief

Getting a Divorce in Ontario

“How do I go about getting a divorce in Ontario?” There are 5 basic steps to getting a divorce in Ontario. These steps are: 1. The

Uncontested Divorce

From: Jeffrey Behrendt Subject: Your Uncontested Divorce Dear Friend, If you and your spouse have separated, you may want to get a divorce and move on

Severing Your Divorce from the Other Issues

Many people don’t seem to know that they can obtain a divorce without resolving all the financial and child custody issues of their divorce case. This

FAQs about same sex issues

What is the status of gay and lesbian marriages? The Supreme Court of Canada has now decided that it is legal in all of Canada to

Jewish Divorce – Get or Ghet

Under traditional Jewish law, for a couple to obtain a divorce, the husband must give the wife a bill of divorce, known as a Get or

Validity of Marriage Contracts

Hartshorne is the 2003 Supreme Court of Canada Case about the validity of marriage contracts. The Supreme Court of Canada will hear arguments on Thursday, November


"What is an annulment?" An annulment is a declaration that an apparently valid marriage is void. "Is this the same as a religious annulment?" No. Religious

Wills & Ontario Family Law

Please note that this page only applies to Ontario family law. Each province’s laws regarding wills are different. The first important point is that wills are
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