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Divorce Procedure

"What is a separation agreement?" A separation agreement is a contract between two former spouses that sets out each party’s rights on issues such as custody

Steps in a Negotiated Divorce

What Is A Negotiated Divorce? In a negotiated divorce in Canada, you and your spouse work together to deal with the issues of child custody, visitation,

Steps in a Litigated Divorce

If you and your spouse can’t agree on an issue arising out of the breakdown of your relationship, and are unable to resolve it through mediation,

Collaborative Family Law

With the litigation process being so slow and expensive, people are looking at various alternatives to going to court to resolve their divorce. “Collaborative family law”


“What is divorce arbitration?” Divorce arbitration is where an arbitrator makes a binding decision about the issues raised by your separation or divorce. The arbitrator is

Divorce Mediation

"What is divorce mediation?" Divorce mediation is where you and your spouse, together with a mediator, discuss the issues raised by your separation or divorce, such

Offers to Settle

Rule 18 of the Ontario Family Law Rules deals with what are known as “offers to settle.” Offers to settle have two purposes. First, an offer

Independent Legal Advice

Do not sign a separation agreement without independent legal advice You and your spouse have separated, and worked out the details of a separation agreement, either

Unified Family Courts

Family law is very different from other types of law. You cannot decide who gets child custody or whether a child should be taken away from

3 Reasons for a Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is a contract between spouses that establishes the terms of financial, child and other arrangements that they agree to follow when separating. You