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Jeffrey Behrendt is the founder of Behrendt Law Chambers, a law firm in Ottawa, Ontario. He lives with his son, Emet. Jeffrey Behrendt attended the University

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1. Initial Consultation. I will gladly reserve time for a consultation with you. I will explain divorce and family law to you and how it applies

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We offer comprehensive divorce and family law services, including: Pre-Divorce Planning Child Custody and Access Property Division Child Support and Spousal Support Common law separation Canada

27 Reasons to Hire Us

27 Important Reasons Clients Ask Jeffrey Behrendt To Represent Them In Divorce & Family Law Matters — and Why We Hope You Will, Too! Reason #1:

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"Jeffrey has a passion for the law itself, not just what he can gain from it." "I was quite impressed with the way Jeffrey went about

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Dozens of clients have hired divorce and family law lawyers Behrendt Law Chambers to represent them, partly because of their 14-Part Client Services Guarantee When you

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Thanks for asking about my legal services for people who are divorcing… I’m going to tell you everything you want to know: How to reduce the

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"What is your approach to legal fees?" I know that people who face divorce often don’t have extra money. If I were part of a large


Are you trapped in your marriage because you can’t afford an expensive Canadian divorce? Are you finding that divorce law in Canada is complicated and confusing?

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Behrendt Law Chambers has handled numerous cases, ranging from simple, uncontested divorces to complex and bitter divorces. We use a variety of approaches, including negotiation, mediation,

9 Important Points to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Hiring the right divorce lawyer is one of the most important decisions you must make during your divorce. You do not want to hire the wrong

Are you trying to choose an Ottawa Divorce Lawyer?

Contrary to what many legal advisors state, you may not actually need an Ottawa divorce lawyer. In many cases, you can handle your case on your

Have You Been Served With Divorce Papers?

If you’ve been served with divorce papers in Ontario, you must act quickly! You have as little as 30 days in which to respond and protect

Divorce Objectives

What would you like to accomplish in your divorce? Please rank your objectives by writing a "1" by your highest priorities, "2" by your secondary priorities,

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Are You Considering A Divorce? Do you have questions about: Canadian Family Law, Spousal Support, Child Custody and Access, Child Support, Or Property Divorce Laws? Get

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At this moment, you probably have a thousand things running through your mind. You may be concerned about your children — your home — your bank

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WHEN DIVORCE IS INEVITABLE, AN OTTAWA DIVORCE LAWYER GIVES COUPLES THE POWER TO “GO IT ALONE” Behrendt Law Chambers’ “Divorce Coaching” was designed to save money,

Embrun Divorce and Family Law Lawyer

The Embrun Divorce Lawyer Checklist for First-Timers: How to Prepare for Your Initial Consultation If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Embrun for the first