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Property Division

"How is property divided upon separation?" Basically, the increase in value of a couple’s assets during marriage is divided equally between the parties. Note: It is

Exclusive Possession of the Matrimonial Home

"Can I change the locks on my home?" No. "Then how do I get my spouse out of the house?" You need to obtain a court

Valuation Date

When it comes to divorce, the date of separation, known as the valuation date in Ontario, is an important date to determine. First, it starts the

7 Ways To Protect Your Assets Before Your Divorce

People spend a lot of time, energy and money planning how to protect their assets from taxes and probate fees. However, the financial consequences of a

How to Avoid Liability for Joint Debts during your Divorce

Divorcing couples who have joint debts often face costly financial surprises after their divorce. Here’s why: Ontario law says that since both spouses signed for the

6 Ways to Reduce Your Income Taxes on Divorce

A separation or divorce can have a significant impact on the income tax you must pay. Here are 6 ways by which you can reduce the

Income Taxes and Divorce

Will I be able to deduct Canadian family law child support payments? Unless you are paying child support in Canada under an order made before May

Income Approach Methods to Valuing a Professional Practice

The Income Approach Method to valuing is a widely recognized approach to estimating economic value of a business during a divorce. There is often an emphasis

Divorce Business Valuation

If you separate or get a divorce, and you own a business, the value of the business normally must be determined for purposes of dividing property.

Business Expenses and Family Law

Many business expenses that you can legitimately deduct for income tax purposes are not deductible for Canadian family law purposes. This is important for determining the

Capitalization of Earnings

What is the “true value” of a business for divorce purposes? Is it simply a matter of assets minus liabilities? What about the “value” of the

Business Issues in Divorce

If you own a business or professional practice and are going through a divorce, then there are a number of special considerations that must be taken

Valuing a Business on Divorce

On divorce, a business may be valued from an income approach or an appraisal approach. The three most common appraisal methods the Asset Based Approach, the

5 Ways to Protect Gifts to Children from Divorce

Given the rate of divorce in Canada, even if your marriage is rock solid, you will need to take this into consideration when you are giving