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Divorce Info

Learn about the law of divorce in Canada, costs and timing for obtaining a divorce, common divorce myths and threats you may hear, avoiding a messy divorce, and more.


Child Support

Get answers your frequently asked questions about child support, how it is calculated, when it ends, how to change it, the impact of shared custody, and more.


Child Custody

Find out what custody means, the different types of custody, how custody is determined, under what circumstances the children can be moved, what primary residence is, and more.


Spousal Support (Alimony)

Learn about spousal support, when it is payable, how much is payable, why it is payable, the impact of bankruptcy on spousal support, taxation of spousal support, and more.


Property Division

Learn about how property is divided when you separate, what happens to the matrimonial home, valuation of assets, dealing with joint debts, valuing a business, and more.


Divorce Procedure

Learn about the procedure involved in getting a divorce, including steps for a negotiated divorce, litigated divorce, mediated divorce, and divorce using collaborative law.


Post Divorce

Read about how to enforce divorce orders, how to change them, how to appeal them, and the legal impact of your divorce on a future marriage, and much more.



Find out what disclosure is required in a family law case, including for child and spousal support issues, and property division issues. Learn about questioning, and more.


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