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Enforcement of Divorce Orders

Just because the court orders your spouse to do something in your divorce, doesn’t mean it will get done. Unfortunately, it is common that child support

Varying (Changing) Your Divorce Order or Separation Agreement

“Can I change the terms of my divorce order or separation agreement?” Yes, under certain circumstances: -you can change the child support provisions if there has

Ontario Family Law Appeals

“What is an appeal?” If you don’t agree with a decision made by a judge, you can dispute the decision by making an appeal to another

7 legal issues you should consider for a second marriage

1. Marriage contract – In a second marriage, your assets are better protected if you have a marriage contract. If you are not satisfied with the

Miglin v Miglin Case Note

Miglin v Miglin, [2003] 1 S.C.R. 303 is an important decision by the Supreme Court of Canada that sets out the test for whether a domestic