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Child Custody

"What does child custody mean?" If you have custody of your children, that means that you have the right to make the important decisions in your

At what age can a child choose custody?

"At what age can a child choose with which parent the child wants to live?" This is the most common question I am asked about Ontario

Primary Caregiver

"Who was the primary caregiver during the marriage?" If one parent was a stay at home parent during the marriage, and the other parent worked full-time,

How Is Child Custody Decided?

"Does the mother obtain child custody?" Not necessarily. The person who has been the children’s primary caregiver usually obtains child custody. "What does the court look

Tips for Visitation

There’s a lot to think about as you arrange access visits with your children. Following are some general Canadian family law guidelines to help you think

Child Custody and Access Assessments

"What is a child custody assessment?" This is when a child psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker meets with all parties to evaluate and recommend who should

Moving Your Children After Separation

If you’re divorced and considering moving to a new community with your children, you have lots of legal questions about Canadian child custody. Does Canadian family

Temporary (“Interim”) Child Custody

A divorce case can take a year or more to be completed. However, it is not always possible to wait until the resolution of a divorce

12 Ways to Make Visitation Easier on Children

Going from one parent’s house to another and back again can take its toll on children. Here are some suggestions to make this easier for the

Shared Custody

Shared custody is where both parents have both joint legal custody and joint physical custody of their children. That is, both parents are joint decision makers

Sample Parenting Plan

BETWEEN WENDY JONES (MOTHER) AND HAROLD JONES (FATHER) We, Harold Jones and Wendy Jones, the parents of [NAME OF CHILD] (date of birth [DATE OF BIRTH])

DNA Paternity Testing

One day, Edward received an unexpected visit. It was from a process server, who served him with legal papers. The papers stated that a former girlfriend

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental Alienation Syndrome (“PAS”) occurs when a child of a custody dispute wages an unjustified or exaggerated “hate” campaign against one of his or her parents.

Factors to Consider in Child Custody Decisions

Decision making Day to day decisions Significant decisions (such as education, health, religion, religious upbringing) Emergency decisions (such as in a medical emergency) How information is

Parallel Parenting

“What is parallel parenting?” This is a form of joint child custody. The advantage of this form of joint child custody is that the parents need

International Parental Kidnapping

What can be done when a parent kidnaps a child to a foreign country? For instance, when Rachel and Robert divorced, Rachel moved back to her

Dealing with Denial of Access to your Children

Motions for contempt are increasingly being used by parents when they are faced with a denial of access to their children. Unfortunately, it is very difficult

Joint Custody

Custody refers to the right to make the important decisions in a child’s life: decisions such as where the child goes to school, medical treatment, religious