Factors to Consider in Child Custody Decisions

Decision making

  • Day to day decisions

  • Significant decisions (such as education, health, religion, religious upbringing)

  • Emergency decisions (such as in a medical emergency)

  • How information is shared


  • Regular residency schedule

  • Weekdays

  • Weekends

  • Long weekends

Communicating with the non resident parent

Right of other parent to have first option of care

Approved caregivers

Holiday/Special Occasion Schedule

  • School spring break

  • Easter

  • Father’s Day

  • Mother’s Day

  • Summer vacation

  • Christmas break

  • Other Non Christian Religious Holidays

  • Child’s birthday

  • Parent’s birthdays

  • Traditional family holidays

Extended family

Make Up time

Notice of changes to schedule


  • Outside of country/notice/permission

  • Travel with children/without children provide coordinates


  • Change of local address

  • Moving children’s residence

Attending functions where children are present and away from parent’s home (e.g. school plays, sporting events)

Name change

Death of one parent

Death of both parents

Dispute resolution of parenting issues

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