Divorce Objectives

What would you like to accomplish in your divorce? Please rank your objectives by writing a "1" by your highest priorities, "2" by your secondary priorities, and so forth.

  • Obtain sole custody of my children

  • Work out a joint custodial arrangement with my spouse

  • Minimise the amount of spousal support I have to pay

  • Make sure that my pension is protected

  • Minimise taxes payable due to divorce

  • Keep expenses low

  • Resolve issues as quickly as possble

  • Minimise conflict with my spouse

  • Stay in the matrimonial home with my children

  • Protect my business from my spouse

  • Structure a buyout of my spouse’s interest in my business

  • Allow me to move to another city with my children

  • Locate assets hidden by my spouse

  • Sell the matrimonial home

  • Ensure that I receive sufficient support for myself and my children

  • Pay off joint debts

  • Obtain a restraining order to prevent domestic violence

  • Make sure my children have money for private school or university

  • Protect my children from a "divorce war"

  • Negotiate a separation agreement that both my spouse and I are happy with

  • Prevent my spouse from moving away with our children

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