Family Law and Divorce Resources

If you’re reading this blog, you probably realize that pretty much anything you need is on the interent. However, it’s not always easy to find things. Here’s a list of websites relating to divorce and family law that I refer to regularly:

Family Court Fees – Darned if I can remember how much court fees are and besides, they’re always changing. Right now, the total court fee to obtain a divorce is $447. It costs $157 to file an answer to an application for divorce. There are slightly different fees for different types of proceedings so check here for details.

All Government Forms – With the government, there’s a form for everything. Gotta love that paperwork. Need a form? Check here.

Apply for a marriage certificate or divorce certificate – Who still has their marriage certificate after all these years? But you can’t get a divorce without one. Order yours here. Order early, as it can take a long time to receive it. And if you want to re-marry, you’ll need to prove you were divorced. You can get your divorce certificate here as well. For Ontario only – each province has a separate office.

Divorce Act – The law governing divorces in Canada.

Family Law Act – Provincial legislation. Applicable for property division or for other issues where there is no divorce (e.g. common law separations).

Family Law Rules – This is what governs the court procedures in Ontario.

Family Responsibility Office – These are the people who enforce child support and spousal support orders. Expect to be on hold a long time when you call. Contact details and any forms you need to deal with them are here.

Federal Child Support Guidelines – This is how child support works in Canada.

Child Support Tables – Calculate how much child support you should pay or receive.

Ministry of the Attorney General – Family court services, supervised access, legal aid, Children’s Lawyer and more.

Ontario Court Forms – More forms for you.

Pension Benefits Division Act – Mostly useful for Federal Government employees.

Request for Director’s Statement of Arrears – Find out how much spousal support or child support you owe or are owed.

List of Ontario Court Addresses – It’s always helpful to know where to file your divorce papers.

Find a Person.

Canada Post – Find a postal code.

Currency Converter – By the Bank of Canada. Useful for presenting official conversion rates in court if you or your ex lives outside of Canada.

The Law Society of Upper Canada – Governing body of the legal profession.

And … don’t forget my other sites as well: I’ve got information for unmarried couples here, and marriage contract information here.

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