Top 10 Signs That A Technology Geek’s Marriage is in Trouble

Can you spot a loopy piece of code faster than a speeding bullet? Can you create security systems more powerful than a locomotive? Can you leap across multiple platforms in a single bound?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a Superman when it comes to technology, BUT if youre like a lot of IT professionals I know¦

Youre Clark Kent when it comes to identifying the tell-tale signs of a system crash in your marriage.

Even with Supermans super x-ray vision, you could still be missing the red flags that signal the end of wedded bliss. Thats why Ive created the¦.

Top 10 Ways An IT Professional Knows Its Time To Call A Divorce Lawyer

1. Your wife puts a blond wig on your monitor to remind you of what she looks like.

2. You communicate with your family via email, IM and your blog more often than in person.

3. Your idea of romantic lighting is the soft glow of an active-matrix LCD panel.

4. Instead of your wifes name, you murmur Matt Cutts in your sleep.

5. Instead of referring to your first child Junior, you call him 2.0.

6. Your idea of a come-on line is Nice set of Floppies.

7. You send birthday wishes, holiday cards, and chocolate Valentines to the people at the Dell service desk, but forget your wedding anniversary.

8. Your bumper sticker reads, Married2MyComputer.”

9. You dont know how long youve been married, but you know exactly when you bought your notebook computer.

10. When your wife says, “If you dont turn off that computer and come to bed, then I am going to divorce you! you yell at her for leaving out the “else” clause.

Okay ¦ the truth is theres nothing funny about divorce. If your marriage isnt working out, you need seriously to address the problem, and without delay.

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