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Old 08-25-2006, 10:13 AM
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Default gender reversal, same law

When I left my career 6 years ago to be a dr's husband, I thought life would be good, and from a financial aspect, it was.

However I was married to a woman who worked 6 day weeks, and when she wasn't sleeping, was on the phone with coworkers discussing hospital policy. I realized I was just a trophy husband. Finally in Feb of this year it completely broke down, and she began punching and hitting her head on the door. I called the police and was told 'get the hell out of there before she gets you arrested'.

I attempted reconcilliation only to be told, 'we're done' She offered me $20,000 to go away forever. I laughed and called a lawyer, he laughed and said 'file immediately'

We have accummulated assets in the area of 600,000.

I have recently been diagnosed with a brain disorder, which makes it difficult to articulate thought, speech and concepts, and now, is making it especicaly difficult for me to find work, in my field or otherwise.

It appears that though this was a recent diagnosis, I may have had this developing for the 6 years we have been married.

I have asked, in exchange for liquidation of assets, a living allimony of 24,000 per annum for at least 6 years (if you live in Toronto you know that's about all it would do) she earns in excess of 350,000 per year.

My lawyer who was all on my side, seems to now think, that I may not qualify for suport because of the duration of the marriage,the factthat her lawyer is a'womans lawyer and is agressive' and better still, will have to pay her a percentage of my income (if i ever find another job) as child support.

I do not have access to my daughter, my wife has filed a restraining order (which i have not yet been served), and I do not have access to my home.

Someone tell me where the law has gone horribly wrong here.

My wife actually said to me 'If this was the reverse, I would expect a hell of a lot more from you than what you are asking for' And, we know, she'd get it.

I need case law, precidents and examples to get this rolling. My lawyer it appears is going to do the minimum he has to to get his money. Which probably means I'll be working for him for the rest of my life too.

Thanks to anyone who's been there and know the system.
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