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Old 04-11-2017, 10:56 AM
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Default Court ordered but unspecified Section7 expenses

Question of interpretation.

Here is the Child Support clauses in our agreement

Commencing Aug 1 2016, and on the first day of each month thereafter, X will pay monthly CS to respondent (me) in the amount of 500$ for the support of S7, which does not include his share of S7's section 7 expenses. Over and above CS, X shall contribute his proportionate share of S7's section 7 expenses. The CS amount is not based on a particular level of income for X, who is self-employed, but rather, is an arrangement in place by the parties, in S7 best interest. CS shall be enforced through the FRO.

In addition to this, a second clause was added;

The child support provisions of this Order may be reconsidered when the Applicant (X) provides the required financial disclosures from his business.

My question is the following; since the Section 7 expenses are unspecified in our CO, considering the fact that as of May, I will be on Mat leave with 55% of my income and putting S7 in day camp 3 days per week (105$/per costs x 8 weeks), can I request X to pay half of day camp expenses?

Can I request that he pay half of hockey registration fees?

FYI when CO was agreed upon, X refused to declare any income.
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