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Old 04-20-2019, 06:23 PM
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"What happen's after an OCL report is disputed?"

You put money in a pile. Pour gasoline on it and light it on fire.

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Old 04-21-2019, 03:30 PM
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Default What happen's after an OCL report is disputed?

Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
"What happen's after an OCL report is disputed?"

You put money in a pile. Pour gasoline on it and light it on fire.


First read the steaming pile of garbage that IS the Notice of Dispute first- then light it on fire.

I cannot believe my idiot of an ex actually decided to dispute the report based on what they wrote in the Notice. He basically calls her biased, BUT partially admits that the reasoning she based her recommendations on were true. The investigator said he missed an opportunity to discuss his threat against his daughter and wife- and he said in the notice that that’s not true. He did discuss his actions that night- but acknowledges that he didn’t discuss the threats made against D2 and me. He instead chose to focus on moving forward and ways to de escalate the situation he finds himself in with me. So basically he admits the very thing the OCL based their recommendations on. He spends almost an entire page writing about how her description of our parents home are so vastly different (she called my parents home “well appointed”, that’s it). And my sister was SO mean to him in her interview.

Edit- actually let me keep venting, cause I’ve been keeping this in since Thursday. He goes on and on about the home visit and how the investigator incorrectly assumed his mother didn’t appear to speak English, as she sat in the other room and didn’t interact with D2 and him during the visit- how she’s been in Canada for 40 years and worked for decades and speaks English fluently. No she does not. She can barely speak English. But more importantly it has no bearing on the report. He said if the OCL had bothered to speak to his mom or sister during the visit they would’ve learned that they purposely stepped back so that he could show what a great dad he is. How he’s got everything handled. Contrast with my home visit- the report says D2 spends time running from room to room visiting with her grandparents and then comes back to mom for dinner. You know why I planned the visit when I did? And let D2 show how connected she is to my parents- because my good lawyer told me to. He told me to actually be natural and invite her during a meal time to show how well she eats with me. How is it the OCLs fault that my ex got shitty prep on the home visit???! And for that- it costs us extra time and money.

Not to mention the litany of lies peppered throughout the notice. How the report doesn’t mention all the terrible things I did to escalate the situation - like calling his mother to “stress her out” hoping that she’d die. Yep, he wrote that. None of it is true. Actually easily proven in court. Had his stupid lies been included, he claims, “it would have provided a more nuanced description of the nature of the conflict that characterized his marriage to me”.

Why the fuck would his lawyer include all those idiotic, non-consequential, descriptors? Muddy the waters? Red herring? Ultimately the report never actually says “I believe respondent wife on the allegations of abuse”- the investigator was very careful to always say “respondent wife reports that applicant husband did this”.

But. Whatever. His money to burn. Of course it will cost me at least $1k to have my lawyer look over that pile of dog doo doo. But that’s fine- I just claimed D2 on my return. And I’m filing a small claims court action against him for the assault and threats. Time to double and triple down.

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Old 04-21-2019, 05:46 PM
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His lawyer probably told him all this but his attitude is he is right and they should have everything he says in there.
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