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Old 05-12-2011, 01:14 PM
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Default my rights have all left...

I posted the beginnings of my story last year and got a few helpful posts in reply. The sad thing is that the most common reply was "what's the rest of the story, what are you not telling us?". i would think that for the most part it's best to be honest and as open as possible on these posts if you want a helpful answer. There is no point in giving false information and expecting an reply that will be helpful.

So here is my update.


Met a girl, dated, got married. Her parents wanted nothing to do with me as I'm much older and previously divorced. Her dad even went so far as to hire a PI to have me investigated.
Year 2, wife has affair. I found out. She said it was over, I forgave ( wise? ) and we stayed together. 2 months later we are expecting.
This is our one and only child. I'm super happy.
9 months after the baby is born, she decides that she needs time and space and moves back to her parents, about an hour away, and takes our daughter.
I stay in the house and beg for her to come home. I drive the hour 1 or 2 times a week to see my little girl.
3 months later I come home to find the house has been cleaned out. She came and took every thing.
She has a lawyer. at the same time we are going to counseling. She tells me in mid-december that "there is still hope" Next week I get sent back to court. 9 days till the end of Dec a Judge evicts me from our home so she can move back in. This is over Christmas and New Years and I had volunteered to move out for the end of Jan! So Jan first comes and I'm not quite out, I found a place to live, and with friends and family I'm packing up the last things. She shows up and says "you can't be here" so she calls the police. 2 police cars show up and start questioning me..they finally ask me when I got the court order...that got some wide eyed looks...they told me to go ahead and finish up. She sat in her car and guess when she moved back in...yup, the end of January....
Next comes the big nail in the coffin. It seems there was another court date set for late January. My lawyer "forgot" to tell me. So my lawyer showed up but I was blissfully unaware. The judge must have decided I was a deadbeat dad and gave her everything, My little girl, our house, all the contents, inflated child care, a live in nanny!!!, top it all off, I get to pay 20,000 just for that privilege as he awarded her costs as well.

So the latest...She has now moved to Toronto, taken my daughter, and I think she just got remarried last weekend as well. She has not let me have my daughter except when she want's to let me. I have a court date for next week..sadly...not holding out much hope.
So really, I guess I'm looking for any thoughts or words of advice.
Ask your questions cuz I have heard them all by now.

Old 05-12-2011, 01:43 PM
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Wow, I mean all I can say is wow. Some people deserve an ass kicking, and then theres your Ex.

I have always joked around saying Divorce = lifetime of misery but manslaughter = 3-5 years. Before you all start getting prissy...its a joke.

Sorry to hear that your Ex is a criminal in every sense of the word.

I really dont have any advice other than keep strong.
Old 05-12-2011, 02:05 PM
staysingle staysingle is offline
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1) Did you file a complaint with the Law society Of Upper Canada about your lawyer and not informing you of that motion. Can you prove that?
2) Do you work? how much income per year?
3) you got set up!
4) What do you want to do?
Old 05-12-2011, 02:45 PM
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Um.... timing suspicious. Are you sure the child is yours?

What has your lawyer done to fix this as it was his major screw up that made it this bad?

Your ex sounds like a nasty piece of work.
Old 05-12-2011, 02:48 PM
staysingle staysingle is offline
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Great catch karmaseeker,
I too think the timing suspicious, you should definitely request paternity test!
Old 05-13-2011, 10:21 AM
ohsolost ohsolost is offline
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Location: I'm lucky she lets me live!
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quick answers..
i fired that lawyer, the challenge now is that I can only afford another lawyer about 1 hour a month.
My new lawyer said that i could file a complaint but 2 issues. first, how do you prove a negative, second, I would never get any money out of this and it would cost me lots.
Am I sure I am the biological father...not totally I guess, but I'm past the point where that really matters to me, I love my little girl and she calls me Dad..what more do I need? Do you think there is other benefit to testing that?
I used to work full time, but during the stress of this my quality went down and I got laid off. I now work part time and collect EI. FRO takes half of both of those, and I still have to pay $140 per month in life insurance because the judge ordered it.
What do i want to do? I want to get more of my daughters time, I think it's only fair that she have some reasonable influence in her life as well as what her mother does. I think her mother thinks she is doing the best for her daughter now that she has a new man she just wants to make him the "dad".
But I will not go away...I got to see my little girl yesterday and she makes my heart glow and puts a smile on my face..she is worth it!!!
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