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Old 11-14-2009, 07:03 PM
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Default Marijuana Use

My ex common law wife (of almost 10 yrs, off and on) and I are fighting for custody of our 3 year old daughter. 4 Years ago I was charged with distibution of a controlled substance, pot. It was her dope and business, but I excepted the charges only because I already had a criminal record. She is now using this against me in family court, obviously. I am currently trying to get the 'debt list' that was found during the raid to proove that it was her business and not mine. It is written in her hand writing. How do I do this?
She is saying I have a drug problem. I don't. I am getting a drug test done this week to prove I don't. She does have a drug problem and I would like her to submit a drug test as well. The problem here is these thigs are time sensitive. If she calls her doctor today to schedual it, she won't get in for about 3 weeks, which is plenty of time to 'clean up'. Not to mention, I have witnessed her get her daughter to pee into a ziploc bag before and taped it too her leg for a previous drug test (for employment). Soooo, I would preffer a blood test, or hair sample. How do I go about getting this done?
3rd .... During pregnancy the doctor did a blood test on her and her THC levels were 'higher than a heavy user' as the doctor put it. During labor a test was done too, and her THC levels were through the roof. How do I go about getting these documents and submitting them to family court?
Please don't tell me to get a lawyer, I can't afford one. A couple days after we seperated she had me charged with a whole bunch of domestic assualt charges that apperently happened 6 months prior to our break up and ALL my cash is going towards a criminal lawyer. I've done ok representing myself so far in family court, we just had a Case Conference Brief and after 4 months of not seeing my lil girl, I have to do 3 supervised visits before I can get any over nites.
I am guessing I need to file a Form 20 : Request for Information ??
Thanx in advance for your help.
Old 11-15-2009, 10:15 AM
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I'm not sure what forms to file exactly, but I would definitely ask the court for an order to have a drug test done. In the request, explain how it must be time sensitive, etc. As for the pregnancy blood work, perhaps you can get a court order to have the hospital release the information to the court - I'm sure the have it filed.

If I were you, given the "complexity" of your situation, I'd try to find my way to FLIC (Family Law Info Centre) at your local courthouse and ask them what your options are. They are usually pretty helpful - ie, which forms to fill out, options on how to proceed - though unfortunately they won't tell you a concrete answer for fear of reprecussions. (If things don't go your way in court, that you may come after them.) But they will tell you your options, and you'll be better equipped to decided how you wish to proceed. Also... one thing that my husband and I did when we chose to self-represent was to schedule some initial consultations with a few lawyers. The consultations are usually free and a way to explain your situation and hear how the lawyer would proceed in your case. You don't have to hire the lawyer. You just say you're "shopping around" to see what they can offer. But this way, you can get some actual legal knowledge on how to proceed in your own case.

I know this isn't much advice... but I hope it helps you get started. Good luck!
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