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Old 06-13-2015, 10:06 PM
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The primary residence of the child shall be with the applicant mother. The residence of the child shall not be moved beyond a 30 kilometer area from his present residence, without the written consent of the respondent or court order.
-I will bet you a 1,000,000$ if this mom finds a better job out of town, or a husband out of town she will be allowed to relocate so moving is a non-issue. It would be her case to lose if either of two things were to be involved.

-The mother ASKED the judge to give her consent to travel without authorization and the judge refused. She can still go "visit" India.


I am not jaded - I am SOOOOO happy I got divorced when I did. I dodged a bullet, I see all these older people getting divorced and the type of support payments and what they have to do for their ex's and I thank my lucky stars I got out.

I see my kids probably more than I would if I even had 50/50 because I get them for the vast majority of their "out of school" time. My ex-wife periodically complains that I get them for all the weekends (while the lazy biatch stays home unemployed).

I feel sorry for other guys who didn't fight because they couldn't afford it, were scared, or the system was bias against them. I hope one day I can help them get what is best for the kids without having to go bankrupt paying lawyers.

I've been through to an appellate court where even though the judges admitted my ex-wife lied in court and that the judge of my divorce DID break the law they decided not to overturn it anyways. Imagine....

I got a joint psych assessment fully recommending shared custody only to have the judge decide that my age-level school kids being in daycare for 15 minutes a day was too long (while I commuted home from work) and because during the 1 year I had been kicked out of the house and the kids only saw me 12 hours a week without sleepovers would be too traumatic of a switch.

I've read so many cases, doctrine and jurisprudence this system has very little to do with fairness, justice or the law.

It is a private welfare system where mothers can do whatever they want whether it is abuse, alienation, lack of employment and the system will use the ex-husband to cover for them UNLESS the MOTHER IS COMPLETELY NUTS. Fathers on the other hand can lose custody for stupid things like having renovations going on...

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