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Old 09-16-2009, 10:32 AM
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Angry Is FRO taking too long????

Hi Everyone:
I am looking for input on a FRO issue.
Court order in place for child support for two children. Inputted income as ex wouldn't supply financials. Section 7 expenses to help with daycare and extra curricular. Set arrears at $5000.00 as he didn't pay cs from the time we split until court order was put in place.
Ex made two cs payments in the year 2008. Has not made a payment in one year.
FRO suspended drivers lic for non payment this summer and ex was convicted of impaired at end of summer and has lost his license for 15 months.
I phone FRO once a week for an update on my "case" and have been told that they will get to filing a Default Hearing sometime in November.
My children see their father every other weekend and during the week for dinner so he is not exactly an absent father.
He is working (won't disclose that to me or FRO) and refuses to phone FRO to discuss his options.
It has been difficult for me to provide for my children since the separation and this has caused extreme financial difficulties. I have had my gas shut off on numerous occassions, my cable shut off, my phone...etc. etc.
I have family and friends paying for their only two extra curricular activies and I am lucky to have a daycare provider who will work with me on payments.
I may just have a real "deadbeat dad" on my hands.
My questions are:
Does FRO normally take this long to track down and enforce payment?
Will I ever see the $15,000.00 in cs that I have beg and borrowed to provide for my kids?
Am I doing something wrong or not helping the situation by relying on FRO to do their job?
I am at the end of my rope...emotionally and financially.....HELP!!!
Old 09-17-2009, 11:00 AM
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Hi! Well I had to call the ombudsmen and they called FRO right away and then I emailed the Minister Meilleur! Go the Ministry of Community and Social Services - Home and send a message. I had a call within three days from FRO and they finally took action. FRO needs some major reform and unless 'we' let the ministry know they wont make change a priority. Hope this helps!
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