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Old 06-15-2019, 10:08 PM
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Default Back to court nerves

Hey everyone was hoping to get some advice on a few things from a legal perspective since unfortunately I'm heading back to court here.

Background - did a bilateral assessment which recommended 50/50 custody. It recommended a gradual increase towards this goal, which I've been following, however when it came time for the last modification to our schedule she refused (this is where is would get a reduction in child support) to discuss the addition of any more time.

I've also found out a few months back that she has become estranged from her whole family, and won't allow any of them to see our son. Since I found this out (I have her admitting to this on email saying this like 'until the respect my boundaries I've told them not to contact their grandchildren' etc) I have been fulfilling our sons wish to see his grandparents on my time.

As well I also discovered a few months ago she had never updated our sons Alberta health card to reflect his true last name and still has it as hers. However she had gone in and had the address changed to her new one. I mentioned this to her and she got pretty aggressive telling me I said I'd change it in a JDR about 4 years ago (I don't remember this and there's nothing on our court order reflecting this), however I tried to change it and couldnt. So I asked her to change it and she says shell do it when she has time because it isn't important.

Both of these subjects were touched on in the bilateral assessment, her gatekeeping and not using his correct last name. The report also noted other things such as abrasive personality, interpersonal issues etc.

Sadly I have to go back to implement the recommendations of the report, and maybe I just got a case of the nerves here as well, but can any one offer any kind of advice from a legal perspective on this?
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