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Old 02-24-2011, 11:57 AM
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Default Childrens lawyer report

I have an order that states that we have joint custody, with me having our daughter every second Friday until Tuesday. We are in the middle of a motion to change this as I want a schedule that will increase the amount of time to a 1 week 1 week timetable( I understand that this change should be gradual). The childrens lawyer got involved and made up a report. She left out alot of key things in the report that we told her but put in my ex's side( my ex states that it takes us 2 hours to get our daughter to school tuesday, when it takes us both the same amount of time which is 20 min but the report just says that my ex stated it takes us 2 hours to get her to school, not our side when we told her 20 min). There are countless times this happened. The biggest concern I had with the report is that when she interviewed our daughter, our daughter stated "Mommy tells me Daddy yells at me" "mommy tells me daddy yells at her"" Daddy Mike (her new Boyfriend of less than a year) is my real daddy" and I can keep this going on and on as there are 2 paragraphs of it. Then she recommended that my ex have soul custody and I have weekend access, less than I have now but that we should use a week about system for the summer and divide holidays. I could not believe it when I read this, when I heard it in the disclosure meeting I did not think it would be like this. The Childrens Lawyer recommended I seek counsilling( Which I have been doing for awhile) because I need to learn how to deal with my ex, and my ex to parenting classes to learn the basics of childcare. Also recommended that our daughter go to a program that is for children dealing with divorce and things like that, which I have tried to get our daughter in for a long time now but my ex does not want her to go. The report said that both houses are well equipped and that we both have a strong bond with our daughter and that we both act appropriatly with her. I am just very confused.
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