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Default Professional & Clinical Obligation to Report Abuse

Recently, a poster stated the following:

Should have listened to my counsellor, got the hell out of dodge and into a shelter where they can keep you and the baby safe while helping you get away and do everything legally.
As a friendly reminder to everyone considering removing their children in contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada section 283.(1) or 283.(2) if a “counsellor” who is a registered clinician practising medicine in Canada their conduct is subject to their governing body's rules, regulations and the applicable Family Services Act.

The clinician is obligated under the law to report incidents of abuse to the proper authorities. Should there be a true risk of “abuse” (psychological and/or physical) the clinician “recommending” a course of conduct of child abduction is obligated to report the abuse.

I am very doubtful that a registered clinician (Social Worker, Mental Health Professional, Doctor, Nurse, etc...) would recommend the removal of children from their habitual residence and would be compelled under their governing body and the applicable laws to report the abuse so the proper authorities can investigate the situation.

This is also true for Lawyers and Teachers who have strict guide lines under their governing bodies to report abuse. If any registered professional instructs, suggests or recommends this kind of conduct without themselves calling the proper authorities their conduct is highly questionable. If you have followed the instruction of a professional whom instructed or even suggested you conduct yourself in this manner and they themselves are not willing to report the abuse in accordance with their governing bodies requirement and the Family Services Act... The better course of conduct would be to raise the concern with their governing body for further investigation. Especially if children are involved.

There are many services out there in the community where “professionals” are recommending, suggesting and even instructing this kind of highly conflicted behaviour when they themselves are obligated to report the abuse so the proper authorities can investigate.

It does no service to families if clinicians, teachers, lawyers and other professionals are not held accountable to their governing body for the course of conduct they instruct and recommend. If there is a serious threat of harm/risk abuse, neglect, maltreatment and neglect they should not be instructing someone to be “judge and jury” on the matter. If they are concerned enough to sit down and write materials for an “emergency” motion... They should be confident enough to report the abuse to the proper authorities themselves and insure the safety of the children and their client rather thank rack up large legal bills.

Everyone's thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated...

Good Luck!
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