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Parenting Issues This forum is for discussing any of the parenting issues involved in your divorce, including parenting of step-children.

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Old 09-24-2021, 10:51 AM
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Default Sick Days

My ex and I have bitter feelings towards one another. Lets say the breakup has been sour. And now its a constant one-upping one another.

I suspect my ex fakes "sick days" so that she can spend more time with kids at home. Our kids are in grade 2 and 4. Kids say they don't want to go to school, and she obliges, to be the "cool and understanding parent". I know because the kids try that with me, yet I manage to get them to school. The kids are miraculously 100% OK without any sign of lingering cold, sniffles or anything the next day when I pick them up. Note: If I were to suggest kids are sick on my days, my ex would be all over me wanting proof.

It is obviously not in kids interests to miss school, or for parent to give in. A good parent recognizes the importance of school and ensures to get them their, in spite of resistance from kids at times.

Anything I can do?
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Old 09-24-2021, 11:17 AM
rockscan rockscan is offline
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Not a hill to die on.

If anything, after a spate of sick days you could suggest they be taken to be checked by the doctor but truly it isnt worth a fight.

It also comes off as a bit petty.
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Old 09-25-2021, 01:03 AM
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Let the school deal with the absences. It will show up on the report cards or the principal may get involved. Ultimately there are officers (truancy) who deal with this at the provincial level.
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Old 09-28-2021, 11:06 PM
pinkHouses pinkHouses is offline
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An additional thing you can do is explain to your children why going to school is good for them and why skipping school is definitely not good for them.
Kids can be influenced to do the normal thing.

For example: you want them to interact with as many other people as possible so they grow up normal.

Stay at home means they do not learn these things.
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Old 10-01-2021, 02:40 PM
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We let our 9 year old stay home from school as mental health days every couple months. We discuss it together and let him know that if he's feeling okay physically but not feeling okay in his head and he needs a day to reset, then he needs to let us know. We are hopeful that him knowing we support him and his education and his mental health will prevent skipping school as a teenager. It also has eliminated fake sick days. The one's where they say they're sick and as soon as school has started, they're running around the house like a psycho. I don't get the whole school is more important than their health and their well being and they must never miss a day unless they're dying. Let them stay home with you sometime and let them see that you support their overall well being and not just their physical presence at school. They may be faking sick days because they legitimately need a day to reset and mom allows it. Unless the amount of sick days are overwhelming and the school is really concerned.
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