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Old 02-18-2017, 10:59 AM
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Default Please Help

Hey guys,

I got married in 2012 and sponsored my wife to Canada and she landed here in Feb 2015, we have a daughter and she is 15 months old. My wife is not working and she is home with the kid and I work full time but for the past year I have been noticing that my wife has changed alot. She fights with me sometimes for no reason or for a little thing. Sometimes she curse our daughter and I have begged her please don't do this but she still does it, I took her to the doctor with me and they prescribed her with some depression medicine. One day she was out of medicine for couple days and she tried to suicide by telling us that she will take a whole bottle of medicine and I will kill my self. I feel really sorry for her and I do my best to help her out, whenever she talks to her family on the phone backhome she is always happy with them she does video calls but with me always in a bad mood. Sometimes she drives crazy to a point that I just go in the car and start crying, lately whenever I go to work and think about my daughter I get tears and start crying cause other day she was telling me that J don't wanna be with you. I just bought a house last year so they can be happy and I am a hard worker since high school, never got into any problems. I don't care if she takes half of my house but I want my daughter on the other side I feel sorry for her too, she was hospitalized for 2 days and I was with her in the hospital, I wanna help her but I don't know what to do, I love my daughter so much, and she is never happy with her mother too, whenever I come home she always comes to me and play with me, but my wife doesn't even like that and she always says she loves you more than me even though I gave her birth, GOD forbid if we divorce who is gonna get the custody.

Thanks for any information.
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