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Parenting Issues This forum is for discussing any of the parenting issues involved in your divorce, including parenting of step-children.

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Old 09-21-2010, 02:57 PM
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Default How do you pick a school with 50/50

We have 50/50 custody.
The kids have gone to the same school since kindergarten. One is going to go to a 7/8 school next year. The other is still in primary. They went to school for the last 4 years with special permission - it was their grandma's school district (mom had moved home with her for a couple of years just before and during when they started school). No one wanted to change their school at the time that mom first moved because neither parent were likely to stay in the place that they had moved to. At the time grandma's school district was not very far from either parental home.
Over the years the kids have started sleeping at Grandma's on mom's custody time (she has switches shifts often and refuses to let us know when this is going on). Now Grandma has left the school district and moved out of town. Both parents are trying to drive the children to school for this year.

So... my question is - how is it decided what school to put them in next year? There is very little chance of agreement. Mom will still be on several different shifts that will not allow her to be with them over night. She still wants them to stay with her mother on her nights. We live about 25-30min drive from each other. Will we have to file a motion (she won't go to mediation or arbitration)? What criteria would the court base a decision if so?

I realize that a lot of things could change over the course of the year... but as slow as the courts move, I want to be ready and have some idea of what we can do.

Old 09-21-2010, 03:12 PM
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Options: School in Parent A's district, or school in Parent B's district.

Typically, you choose a school in your district. Are there any schools that border close to what would be the midway point but remain in one district or the other?

Are there any schools in either district which would be of particular additional benefit to the child?

Are you able to agree on a school?

The courts would base a decision on several factors, including but not limited to;

the benefit of that school to the child
the status quo
any special needs of the child
transportation and parenting proposals by the parties
stability of residence of the parents (ie, if one has lived in the same place yet the other has moved 6 times in 4 yrs type thing)
Old 09-21-2010, 03:29 PM
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Thanks interprovincialParents. That's about all I could come up with. Husband is worried that because they went to school in one city (mom's) that it would be a problem to change to our city. (Both cities are covered by the same school board district). Looks like we're heading to court again soon anyway... hopefully the decision there will decide it anyway!
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