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Parenting Issues This forum is for discussing any of the parenting issues involved in your divorce, including parenting of step-children.

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Old 07-08-2014, 12:22 AM
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Default RESP in my name, what can x do?

RESP's are in my name with kids as beneficiaries. X took money out of kid's separate bank accounts saying I took money out of them when he went to get it to pay for daughter's school. He has enough to cover what is payable now, plus extra money, but I have not agreed to any of this. He now wants remainder from RESP and he wants to have his name on the RESP's but I don't agree with my daughter going to school at this point until something is figured out, that I am happy with as well. Also if his name is on it it would be dual signature, so not sure about this either? The x told the kids they had to go to school within the vicinity of him. They can choose wherever they want to go. I asked her when she applied (x pushing her) let's go look at the program, see where it will get you, jobs out there, etc. She said no. She was down in May and I asked are you looking forward to school, she said I hate school. Asked a bit later, month, I'll just go and do it.

Background, 1 1/2 year of university. X wanted to pay first semester as money was there. I didn't agree, but that's what he wanted. She bombed. 2nd semester I said not paying for it, so she had to use all her money for 2nd semester but was only able to get into 3 courses and we had to chip in a bit. Next semester changes into another program general, we pay again comes home at Christmas says she is done. She did not work the summer before, x was giving money, didn't push the issue, and not working now, not volunteering, living with x, finally seeing a councillor as she is not sleeping well. How can I support my daughter going to school and what do you suggest? $30,000 has been spent so far. The RESP money has to get out of there at some point, and this will be the best year since she is not working, but I don't want it handed over to her. Wondering if it's withdrawn then kept in a separate account but has to have dual signature. I told lawyer x was going to take the money out of their bank accounts and he said we can track it. Not sure why would he lie in the letter saying I took it when I can get prove he took it.

My councillor said to call the therapist but would have to get daughter's approval to talk to me and then ask what she would recommend. The councillor said if you don't hear back from us you know she said no. I'm thinking I should call and just see if I can get an appointment for myself just to get her advice of let her know a bit of the background. My son is hearing all of this from my x.

Letter came from my lawyer saying x called today, but I haven't read it yet. I know it sounds silly that I haven't, but right before bed is not good for me.
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