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Old 01-30-2013, 09:25 AM
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Default Offer of Settlement Feb 01 2013

Her Lawyer: Ren^&*uka Sa@ch*&^%thananthan
My Lawyer: Mr. P)*&

sep 2005 I married a girl in sri lanka then I sponcer her.
June 2006 she came to canada and she live with my family(dad, mom, sister and my brother's family) she had no issues. she went to the esl classes in the morning came home 4pm.
last one year she was start to talking to her causin and her mother everything start to change. she never respect anyone in the house and start to yelling to evryone. No socializing. She look moody all the time like lost someing. We tried to speak to but no luck.
One day she went to school and then she went to the police station claimmed that she can't live in our house. they put her in the shelter. I called the cops for missing my wife same day. next day they called me that they found her but don't want to give me any information. After seven months no phone calls or how is the kids doing anything at all. I received the court letter in big large mail.
I found out that her lawyer visit to all South Asian ESL classes and speak about women's rights. then she was talk to my xwife made her her client.
Living with big family issues here and there but we have to adjust for it. If everyone do like her how the world going to handle?

My wife left me and kids aug 2011
we have three kids (twins 6 years and 3 years all girls)
Children lawyer involved with clinical investigator all are South Asian Females.
3 April 2012 They made a decision that Mother have the sole custody. After 20min they came to me that they are going to give me joint custody if I signed the papers now.
On the papers they wrote I have joint custody and Aug 2012 mother going to be the main person and kids exchanged time changed. I signed the paper and did not fully understnd what's on it. I was very upset and can't even read properly and my lawyer was talking about her other case to the children lawyer that time. That even made me upset. Is my lawyer bought out???
I am paying 3 kids $889.00 + Spousal support $250.00 per month

I pick them at the daycare tues 6pm to wed morning drop off
Friday at daycare pick up and drop off one saturday 2pm at APCO other sunday 2pm at APCO.

01 Feb 2013
Now they want offer of settlement.
Custody Every alternate weekend and remove the joint custody
I am not going to say yes. I will fight for it.
I need same access what I had or every weeked fri to mon. I am not give up my joint custody.
I offer her $10,000.0 in six payment for Spousal support.

I need your opinion?
Old 01-30-2013, 10:59 AM
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Do not give up Joint Custody!!


Live next door to your ex, so your kids can live at both homes full-time.

Old 02-03-2013, 11:59 AM
mnadarasah mnadarasah is offline
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Default offer of settlement - consent

Other party Lawyer wrote the consent by hand written and cross outs?
spousal support $250/month. Spousal Support shall be indexed?

I did not know the meaning my lawyer's agent did not explain me? If I know I will crossed out. I was fooled.

Access my lawyer said it's not posible to ask what I have (tuesday to wednesday and Friday to sunday every week)
She told to go for what the other party lawyer asked alternative weekend fridy to monday? My lawyer said is not posible to ask for more? Is she right or wrong?

Other party lawyer change the date of access start after the signed consent.
She use the TEMP words for tuesday access.
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