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Old 02-11-2009, 11:27 AM
canuck canuck is offline
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the kids need familiar things of theirs when they go see him. i think he should take some of their things. maybe let them pick.

& with a house full of furniture, why shouldn't he take some things? maybe a tv if you have 2. or a dresser if there's an extra. is he really being this unselfish?
Old 02-11-2009, 11:55 AM
keepitsimple keepitsimple is offline
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We're working on taking some things from here to there (wherever there ends up being) and using the extras (tv, tables) that accumulate to split up. But it seems to me that it'll cost a lot to set up a place from scratch with new stuff (stereo, couch, dishes, linens, beds, etc.). It was just in those discusssions that he said he thought I should pay for half of that (and to buy new stuff). I thought if I'm going to buy new stuff - I'd rather have it in my place. I'm going to take over the house contents issue and value everything and come up with a figure that we can agree on based on what he will take and what we will keep here. I don't think he's being unselfish...just lack of knowledge on the reality of the impacts of his decision.
Old 02-11-2009, 03:08 PM
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You are asking for trouble if you are going to put a value on anything. The only way to split up the contents of the house is to do a walk through room by room and write down what he will take such that when you are done you both feel you got half of everything, including the bed sheets, everything. Trying to put a dollar value on things will be a futile and hostile thing and I stronly recommend you don't try it. I split the contents of my house easily, if we had had to put a dollar value on things I KNOW that it would not have gone good for either of us. My wife moved out, so it was easy for her to not get half, so when she moved to a bigger place a few months later, she came through again and took a few more things which I totally agreed to. You have to be flexible!
Old 02-11-2009, 03:23 PM
ikikass70 ikikass70 is offline
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I respectfully disagree with BillM.

It sounds like the two of you are communicating in a decent manner.

I would recommend perhaps talking pictures of the contents of the home and noting what he takes when he leaves.

I do agree that you should together go through the contents and decide what each of you want, and then even discuss and appoint a value to the article right there.

My partner and his ex don't have the greatest of relationships but they can communicate. It sounds like the contents of your home (like my partner's) are dated and really not worth much, therefore it sounds to me like it wouldn't be hard assigning a garage-sale price to each article.

To me, even if he takes half of everything and then wants to be vidictive he can (IE - you got the 'better couch' etc).

If he doesn't want half the stuff and wants to buy all new stuff you are still not responsible!
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