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Old 09-17-2011, 10:31 PM
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Default Frightened for my Child's life

I have recently put forth a Motion for Access in the family court and my child's mother did not attend the last 2 hearings(one was adjourned). She has supposedly been on "vacation" but this "vacation" seems to only get longer and longer.

I recently found out that my child suffered a broken bone shortly after the first motion hearing and that she is thousands of miles away in the US right now or at least that is where the injury happened.

This woman is extremely abusive and has mental health issues that I was not aware of for quite some time into our relationship. She is manipulative and cunning and was able to get the CAS off her back (and eventually over a 6 month period was able to manipulate them into seeing me as the problem) when she first injured our child when at 1 month of age. I also believe that she injured him another time when mediation broke down and have pictures/video that supports this.

Anyhow, there is a lot more to this story but the three times when I believe that she has injured my child were all near events of abandonment the first was me rejecting restarting the relationship, second was the breakdown of mediation and the third is the motion for access that essentially separates her from our child with respect to my access. She has substance abuse issues and might feel trapped and I have no way of finding out what is going on, I don't even know the location only have a short medical report.

I have called the CAS with my concerns and told them I feel this is an emergency. I have a Motion hearing this Friday and if she doesn't show up it will not be good for her case I am sure. The problem is that I am concerned that by moving forward I am putting my child's life in danger and I already think it is in danger. I am really stressed.

I was also wondering if I should add the medical report to the affidavit for motion so that the Judge knows what the situation is? Or just move forward without it for the motion for access without adding this new information?

What are my options with her in the US like this and my daughter suffering an injury? Who can I call? The police? Are there court options in this scenario?

I realize I should retain counsel but simply cannot afford it right now.
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