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Old 04-04-2012, 04:17 PM
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Yes. They DO get worse. And at this stage, the sh*t is going to hit the fan even harder.
Old 04-04-2012, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by hadenough View Post
BernerFaith: if we are to take the poster's version of the atmosphere at home at face value (and I am inclined to) it is HIGHLY unlikely that she can come to any agreement with this individual. And throwing someone (or pushing) someone across the room is Assault. 3 kids cowering in the bsmt. Too afraid to speak up. With good reason, no doubt.

Quote:"Just because you and him don't get along, does that mean he is a poor dad? Just because he didn't do the day to day things with the children while you were together, does that mean he can't now adapt to doing these things with his children? After a separation things change drastically for all involved... parents who were less inclined to do the day to day things because the other parent took on that responsibility, change and adapt to their new situation..."

Yes, I'm sure he's an awesome dad. Sounds like he's a definite candidate for turning into Mr. Wonderful/Involved. What's a little WWE action between partners going through a separation? Injecting fear, intimidation and causing havoc. None of which are the hallmarks of good parenting. Physically assaulting someone in, (or not in) the presence of children is against the law, and sickening behavior. And while you are not condoning any of that, the mere suggestion that none of that makes him a bad parent (??) quite frankly amazes me.

No I don't believe that just because her and him didn't get along automatically means he is a poor parent...did he make poor decisions... yes he did...but who is to say she is a safe parent? Do we know that she hasn't physically hit him? I for one, have a very close friend that I went to college with, during our time in college, she and her husband were going through a divorce... he hit her more than once, and she had hit him, arguments get heated, but that doesn't mean they are horrible parents... in fact, HE has 60% and she only has 40% with their 3 boys, even though he was arrested for assault.

We all know there are TONS of cases where one parent fluffs up what actually happened...and not saying the OP is doing this, however, to gain the upper hand is custody this often happens.

Unless he is a direct harm to the children, there is no reason for him to not have 50/50...

In no way to I condone his behaviour and I think the whole situation should not have happened, however, it did, and it takes two to fight. He isn't solely to blame.
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