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Old 09-16-2011, 12:56 PM
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Default munchausen by proxy syndrome

Good afternoon:
Does anyone have any experience with dealing with an ex that you suspect has munchausen by proxy syndrome? What were your next steps? Did you contact CAS?
Thanks for your time.
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Old 09-16-2011, 05:54 PM
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Ex or not, if you feel that the child is being "made" sick, then you need to act. Maybe CAS is not the first course of action. If you had the same family doctor, maybe you could speak with them. Please be careful and be sure as you can that this is the this condition is widely misunderstood. However, if you feel your child is in danger, then take all precautions necessary to ensure their safety.

Medscape: Medscape Access

Good luck.
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Old 09-17-2011, 11:40 AM
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I have a friend whose ex constantly invented physcial and psychological problems to prevent their child from seeing Father. Isn't this a form of parental alienation? She had a "counsellor" [read ex domestic violence "victim" with no training in anything] from a women's shelter testifying to the problem as well as her neighbour [no bias at all]. Question: do these shelters do more harm than good? Kids are shown videos on family violence and bad dads hitting mom. Madrassa ...much?

However actual medical doctors could find nothing wrong with the kid.

The judge eventually threatened to take custody away from this flake/criminal but not before years of limited supervised visits or no visits at all or police intervention [they prefer to stick to criminal matters] and a lot of frustration while she manipulated the childrens' lawyer [obtaiined with no evidence as to need for - the judge just ordered one without any consultation with father], child welfare, and justice system which claimed to be trying to protect the children but failed for way too long to verify the credibility of the Mother. Whatever she said was always taken as truth; whatever he said not so much. What the heck?

This is my own comment. I fully expect the wrath of the domestic violence community to flog me with the feminist canon but I live in the real world of disenfranchised fathers.
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Old 09-17-2011, 01:35 PM
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Munchausen is very difficult to diagnose and/or catch.

If it is truely Munchausen - you won't be able to say it has anything to do with parental alienation.

It is a sickness that is irrelevent to your seperation/custody issues. She would need to acknowledge it, and submit to a progressive treatment program to get better.

I have no idea what you should do from a legal point of view - but if you believe you child is being poisoned - you should take appropriate steps and call the authorities.
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