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Old 03-04-2019, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Gilligan View Post

I completely agree that reform is required and that things need to be clearer. For example, when do you re-calculate CS? In my case, it wasn't stipulated and my ex wanted to back date it. One shouldn't have to go to court to figure this out and it shouldn't be that debatable at a "Cost Indemnity Basis"? Many people pay CS and putting some clarity would go a long way in avoiding conflict.
We were told it updates immediately. Whether up or down, if your income changes, cs changes too as the children should get the full benefit of the update immediately as they would in an intact family. Sadly the cases you hear where there was an increase normally include people who hid that increase. It works both ways though, one party can’t withhold agreement because they like a cs amount. In my man’s case, his ex wanted to keep all the high amounts!

Originally Posted by Gilligan View Post
Same applies to S7 costs. I agree that education / medical are a given but I a parent shouldn't be able to say "they can't pay" and get away with it. In my case, Mom stopped paying for a tutor with a child requiring it on an IEP, how can a judge say it's reasonable to let the child go without?
Ditto for the parent who makes unilateral decisions on expenses or enrolls the kids in shit without permission. This was a beef during my mans marriage and continued into their divorce. He finally stopped agreeing to pay for shit because she just enrolled and demanded money. He was paying for school dance tickets, photos, $20 expenses etc. He finally wised up after a year of it and told her they weren’t s7. What the courts SHOULD DO is an “education” type of class where they explain what is and isn’t a s7 and then penalize people for going against the law. And I won’t even start on the $500+ designer glasses frames the kids were wearing while the two of us were going to superstore on discount days for our glasses.

Originally Posted by Gilligan View Post
Iknow I'm on a soap box here, but I am frustrated by the lack of clarity, the exorbitant legal fees that the lack of fairness. Some clearer guidelines would go a long way in avoiding litigation for many.

I agree with you. Like I said, if they had some sort of legal service that explained to people what the proper way to do things was and the difficult ones were penalized, it might help. As it stands, theres too much “getting away with it” going on. Especially people who refuse to work. If you were married or had no cs coming in, would you still be playing that game? Everyone is responsible for their kids!!
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