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Old 10-22-2011, 12:11 PM
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Default Should my calculations and spreadsheets be part of the document brief?

Trial time.

In their response to the "request to admit" document, the other side agrees that I am a very involved father with the children and that we share joint custody but they disagree that I have our children for enough time to use the set-off amount for child support.
When working this was not an issue, better to have time with the kids then to fight over money.

I despise it but it has come down to me counting hours and days. (yuck!)
But now that my EI has run out. They are still asking for full table amount of child support.

I plan on adding Calendars emails etc to the document brief but I am wondering if I need to also include my calculations and spreadsheets

I'd prefer at this point to give them as little time as possible to react.
Does anyone know what I should do with my calculations?
Old 10-23-2011, 05:34 PM
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If you read right here the many cases where the document timeframes for presenting to the court in preperation for an upcoming hearing is stretched and then stretched even more. In the end it also appears that as long as the documents and all the neccesary copies for each concerned party is there for the hearing. The last few I remember it was perhaps just a day or two prior again for the purpose of limiting the otherside's time to do thier thing. One was detailed as being presented minutes prior and each time I thought, "Wow! to play with fire - you only get one shot at this and what if you end up facing this judge who holds the "book up to you" - and disallows your proof, justification or whatever?"

If you have done your homework, have what you consider to be a strong position then why take this chance? I understand that you should be condensing your submissions to the court as they will not take a whole day to glance at 1000 pages - instead focusing on your briefs..... If you feel that your calculations are key to the pleading of your side as being fair to the decision before the court - go ahead and include it as a "footnote" of sorts to the actual result which will be in your brief. If the judge feels it is warranted he/she will take the time to review it - if it is not there........ it will not be requested, leaving the court to make assumptions that may not be to your liking.
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