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Old 07-20-2010, 07:52 PM
nick2009 nick2009 is offline
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Default revising the answer from ex + I do not know how to deal with

Before the second settlement conference of August 4, 2010, ex today wants to amend her ANSWER in order to include her claim for net family property equalization.

ex's lawyer say "i look forward to hearing from you by July 23, 2010 (this Friday), failing which my client will seek leave with court."

my questions;

(1) i do not know how to deal with it. after checking the family law rule, i still can not find out what the proper legal procedure should be, and what my options are.

(2) because of lack of knowledge, experience and information, what kind of decision can i make. if possible , refer me some related information.

one more thing: should I make another settlement conference brief form 17c.

the court returned me my form 17c settlement conference brief right after the first settlement conference. then the judge decided the second settlement conference will be August 4, 2010. should I make another settlement conference brief form 17c for the second settlement conference. i am a little bit of confused.

any replies will be appreciated.

july 20, 2010
Old 07-21-2010, 04:54 PM
riverbag riverbag is offline
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firstly, do you disagree with her claim for Net Family Property Equalization?? if not, don't do anything and deal with it at the settlement conference, most conferences don't have orders made at them. Keep in mind that the Judge will not look kindly upon such a significant change and probably will be most understanding if you don't reply before the conference. Have an offer to settle prepared and wait to see what they have prepared, then see what the judge says.

If you disagree with claim, amend your reply, or file one with your argument in the reply and ensure you serve her lawyer.

that's what I would do, I hope this has been helpful and I am open to correction by more senior members Good Luck
Old 07-21-2010, 08:54 PM
nick2009 nick2009 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 64
nick2009 is on a distinguished road

Thank you very much, riverbag,

Yesterday evening, I received an email from ex's lawyer, saying

"Please advise whether you consent to adjourn the coming Settlement Conference previously scheduled for August 4, 2010 to another date. If so, please let me know your available dates in October & November. "

if i do not agree, then what will happen with the settlement conference. Is ex's lawyer able to change something about the settlement conference.

As i know, this coming settlement conference will be mainly about the spouse support (scheduled by the judge). ex and her lawyer did not, but should, serve me their financial statement form 13 for case conference and first settlement conference. Now this coming setttlement conference, it is very likely that ex does not want to expose her financial situation to me. ( She earns more than I do, as I know) meanwhile ex want spouse support from me, which is ridiculous. because she somehow got legal aid from goverment, her lawyer tried to make the case longer and funcier to get more money from goverment.

I tried to tell the legal aid officer about the situation in order to stop ex's lawyer abusing the public money, and i tried to simplify this case. but it failed. anyone, who knows the right way to contact the legal aid office or right officers, please let me know.

thank everyone for your read this situation. if you have similar experence, try to give me a few words.

thank you

july 21, 2010
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