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Old 07-14-2010, 11:12 PM
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So, I've been thinking... we agreed again our school schedule will be the kids with me every other Wed night to Mon morning. What if I say to her that I want an extra weekend per month? That gives me another Fri, Sat, Sun or 3 more days. Does that make us back to that 60-40 threshold where I only pay the offset amount?
Old 07-15-2010, 02:11 AM
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Originally Posted by dinkyface View Post
"every other Wed night to Mon morning before school."

7h on W, 24h on Th/F/Sa/Su, 9h on M adds up to 112h every 2nd week, or 56h weekly. Which is 33% of 168 total hours in week.

A little messed up in this calculation- in short why do the hours at school count toward the other parents time? That does not seem fair to me.

I always simply consider where the child sleeps as one day. Alternatively you could count the time at school as yours if they started the day at your house.

So using the the simple day count it is 60 hours (5 days x 24 hours / 2) = 60 hours, not 56.

I always get a little unsettled when people start counting hours. Where they sleep = 1 day seems the easiest for most normal situations. I recall my ex started suddenly counting the hours at the start of our separation (based on scheming lawyer advice no doubt) where we were shared parenting (50/50 by counting where they slept). I was working and she was not so she had the kids more during the day because I was being flexible, but she wanted more $$$ for it (above standard CS offset method). A joke considering she was not working (attending school) and I was bringing in all the family money, and also a joke considering they slept at my house the same amount of time. Of course now that we are both working, with my flexible schedule I have the kids more than she does during the day etc, but there is no more counting of hours!
Old 07-15-2010, 05:41 PM
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Yes, adding an extra weekend would take you over the 40% mark, but
- If I was other parent, having only 1 in 4 weekends would really suck
- You might consider instead Weds afterschool to Thurs morning (or even Friday morning!) on your off-weeks. This gives you 1 (or 2!) week night that is ALWAYS yours, which is useful for scheduling extracurricular activities. It also reduces the length of time that your kids are away from you - currently you have a 9 day gap, which is a LONG time. Counting nights (not hours), that extra overnight puts you at almost 43%.
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