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Old 07-24-2009, 12:00 PM
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Default Intake appointment..what to expect?

Good morning, everyone. Hope your weather is better then mine today! I'm hibernating.

After appealing Legal Aid's decision, I did manage to end up with their help..turns out that they base their decisions on a family with three children and with my having five, that changed their numbers enough to warrant the fact that I do indeed need help.

So, I have an phone intake appointment scheduled for early next month with the lawyer. What should I expect of this? Because it's being done over the phone, my main concern is the children. Will she (the lawyer) want to get right into details of the case? If so, considering this deals with information like sexual assault and child porn and how it effects custody and access, I don't want the kids to end up hearing all of this. Even though they know some things because of how it's all ended up working with the police and CAS worker, that doesn't mean they need to know details that so far have been kept from them.

I'll admit that while I am not trying to make the kids happy and loving about their father, I am also not going out of my way to make him into a monster in their eyes..I have been trying my best to keep a neutral position where he is concerned so that they can make their own choice. It has been difficult because of the police involvement, as well as my family being more vocal about him, but I am trying, regardless.

Anyway..can anyone give me a rough idea of what to expect and what I should have on hand as far as paperwork goes? Items that I may need to reference during this phone call?

Thanks in advance,
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