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Old 01-24-2019, 11:14 AM
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Default Ex prevented my parenting time

Hello All,

A bit of a rant, since many of us have difficult ex's. I receive a text from the ex yesterday afternoon. It's the first one is 6 months, as she usually gets the children to communicate for her.

Yesterday was my weekday parenting time with the kids, and she wanted me to pick up the kids at her friends house that is almost an hour and a half away. The reason was that her friend didn't want to drive since there was a bad weather advisory.

Less than two minutes later, my D12 calls and S13 texts me that "Mom says this and that..." D12, explained they had missed school the day before to sleep over at mom's friends house, I could barely understand D12 as they were on a cell. Communication after that was by text. It ended up that I told the kids and ex that I would expect the kids on the following day (thur) for my parenting time.

The kids explained that "Mom says you can only spend time with us if you stay in town and drop us off early as we have a meeting to go to"

To my understanding they missed a day of school to sleep at her friends house, knowing there was potential for a bad weather day the next day. The weather advisories were lifted midday but they still did not drive home. I would not put it past my ex to have deliberately done this (not the first time).

They missed school Tue, Wed (buses cancelled), and now today (got notification today from school). My son has an after school bball game today and it's a deadline for paying for the jersey. The ex has not responded to my inquiry on what is happening with kids.

If I rely on history, I expect they will be at her home. Another reason is she does not want my son at school is the after school sports. She has a history of using situations like this to make me be the one to say no. Ie: if your dad will pick you up and drop you off on my parenting time, then it's ok.

My thinking at the moment is to give my kids a stress less evening by not forcing the issue of parenting time and taking my missed time on the Monday following my weekend.

Some days it's hard to stay reasonable and neutral.

Thanks for listening.
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