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Political Issues This forum is for discussing the political aspects of divorce: reform to divorce laws, men's rights, women's rights, injustices in the divorce system, etc.

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Old 11-01-2009, 06:22 PM
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I forgot to add, sometimes the transfer of money makes the children "poor" at BOTH parents houses. The CP realizes that she's getting quite a bit of "free money" IF she keeps her income around 20K (in our case the CP got 12,000 in CS, plus 8000 in CCTB, plus 3000+ tax re-bate, plus we paid all the "special expenses" plus she had a free lawyer and kept at us.....etc. etc.) .

I KNOW that some (not all, alot of CP's work very hard for their kids too!!) CP's do USE the system, and I have experienced it first hand. Her excuse for either not working, or only working PT was that she didn't want to lose her "benefits".

Great, so now the kids are kept poor at moms AND at dads. And when we asked her to contribute to access costs etc. her respone "your new wife has a job, you guys can affors it) (Never mind that we had new-born twins and I was on maternity leave)!!!

Yup, It makes me angry that some people think "second wives love to complain". Come trying living in our shoes, or visit the petition called "Canadian Child Support Guidelines are Unfair to Second Families". I guess all these people and families experiences profound injustices are just "whiners" too.
Old 11-02-2009, 04:19 AM
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In my situation, it is a 50/50 schedule, shared custody. Plus we do before and after school care when it is their mother's week. And we are still paying combined CS and SS for more than 2 years. She wants my husband to indemnify her from the taxes she will owe if he receives a retro-active order. No offer to compensate my husband for all the taxes he has had to pay in the last 2 years because he could not claim the spousal support he is paying. My husband is finally going to court since it is a waste of time to wait for his ex to want to negotiate anything besides what she is already getting. Our view is that anything has to better than what he has to pay right now. After taxes he gives his ex 45% of his yearly income all tax free, he is left with 25% to support his kids more than 50% of the time and to pay off the debt of his marriage. He has tried mediation, 6 offers to settle, 4 way meetings with lawyers, and still all he gets is emotional banter about how she feels. No choice but to fire the lawyer, self-represent and go to court. A case conference is scheduled for this week. Surprise, surprise her lawyer said its a waste of time because all we had to do was schedule a settlement conference however after a case conference motions can be filed, this is not so once a settlement conference has been held. We had a good laugh since all she wants to settle is that she hates my husband and he makes her life miserable because he wants to stop giving her the majority of his paycheque twice a month and wants her to take some responsibility for the debt of the marriage. She is so stressed she can't function in her daily life apparently. I will not write how I feel since I am sure most ppl on here already know.
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