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Old 10-31-2019, 09:06 AM
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Default Post Secondary and Financial Lessons for kids

I enjoyed this article this morning:

For those of us in the divorced/single parent/child of divorce realm, post secondary costs are a bone of contention.

I was a child of divorce with a deadbeat dad. We put ourselves through school with astronomical debt when finished. I wouldnt change it though, it taught me a lot and helped me take it seriously. On the other side I have a high paying job thanks to my education.

My siblings and friends have taught their kids responsibility and required they pay a significant portion of their expenses. I had a number of friends growing up who had their tuition only paid by their parents, the rest was up to them. We all had jobs at 14 and worked through school.

Unfortunately my husband has a different situation. He put himself through school but his ex believed they should pay their kids way. She didnt want them to have to work and the year before his first went to school was hell for him as they treated him like a monster for insisting kid be responsible for some expenses.

His biggest complaint is that divorced parents are held hostage. I agree with him. He has no relationship with his kids but has to hand over thousands. Plus he has to pay legal bills as his ex thinks he should pay significantly more. In effect he is held hostage by her as she refuses to accept less than the $30,000+ she claims he owes.

This is the part of family law I dont agree with. Kids are not as responsible as they should be. We all survived paying for school, why cant our kids? If we had had kids I would have expected them to work if only to sock some money away for a house. They would have been required to contribute to their expenses.
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