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Old 02-10-2014, 11:05 PM
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Thanks. I will keep reading the info on here and work on it.
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Old 02-10-2014, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by DeadBeatDouchebagDad View Post
You are in a shitty position. What I`m reading in your post is a lot of unhappy sex talk. You want to have great sex but your woman isn't providing it. You think she's hopeless in bed and want to cheat but would feel horribly guilty if you did. As a result you watch a lot of porn and fantasize about friends/coworkers.

Here's your choices:

1-Remain married to her and try to work things out
2-Remain married and cheat on her

Looks like you tried Option (1) and it's not working. Option (2) is the easy road for some people. My conscience couldn't handle keeping secrets from my partner. Option (3) is the great unknown. As others have said, financial problems, legal issues, children could suffer.

Shitty choices...
Not quite that bad. Though after what my nerves have gone through I think my wife turned me off women for a long time. I dream of solitude and fishing.
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Old 02-28-2014, 05:14 PM
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"When we had children my plan was that I don't want to screw them up..."
Got news for you -- You ARE going to screw up their lives one way or another, sooner or later. And you'll be screwing up your wife's life for a while too!
Have you tried marriage counselling?
"I want to divorce her because I am very unhappy being married to her. I also think she is unhappy being married to me. I am convinced we would be better and happier people if we weren't married to each other."
Have you talked to your wife about this? Well, of course she's going to be unhappy not knowing what has you depressed!
"How much more would one screw up ones children by just walking out versus dragging them through the experience of parents divorcing? I don't believe people change and things change. This marriage will not change and neither will my wife or I. This was what she was always like and i knew it and in my gut I had hesitation of getting married but I didn't listen to my gut"
Believe me, their lives WILL be screwed over big time. There is no such thing as an amicable divorce. Situations CAN change IF both people WORK to change them. Having a defeated attitude won't help bring about change. If you had doubts from before being married, then you NEVER should have married in the first place. Now you're planning on turning everyone's life upside-down...
You sound so much like my ex... (and that is not a good thing)
But to answer your question, my ex and I were already separated and divorced before I found this forum, so there was no lurking for me.
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