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Old 08-16-2011, 03:32 AM
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Default Some advice for many

General advice for your documentation and protection;

You can buy any simple little MP3 recorder that has a built in mic, some have external mic input. I have a 1 gig recorder I used for recording guitar lessons and paid $40. It is tiny, and the files dump straight to the computer. It is incredibly clear!

First off, Ex's don't randomly appear like rashes, but they have similar affects, so be prepared;

1. The recorder will record forever...until the battery dies or you run out of space (highly unlikely). Mine recorded a 2 hour guitar recital, the entire 1 hour drive home including getting gas (I forgot it on), my trip to the bathroom, 2-1/2 hours of TV, and then 45 minutes of silence since I went to bed. Then the battery died. Turn it on, put it in voice record mode and let it record before the ex comes to haunt your house. Don't concern yourself with unwanted blank sections. File sizes are non issues.

2. Make sure you buy one with date stamp; the files will show the date of the recording, makes it easy to organize. If you can find one that also adds the time of the recording, bonus! It will back up any of your documentation/evidence as it should be identical to your notes if you keep the clock and date set correctly. Don't forget to update at daylight savings time!

3. Always carry a spare battery

4. Always carry a cell phone that takes good photos, video is a bonus and they must be easily transferred to your PC. Any video capable phone will record audio if you are in a pinch.

5. Get a good digital home answering machine, set it to record without time limit so it records as long as the line is open. Make sure it has time/date stamp. If you need to record something in an emergency and your cell phone doesn't record, phone home, machine picks up, conversation recorded! Also, the recording is not with you, its safe at home.

6. Always dump your audio/video/photo files to your PC regularly. If there is a really important recording on your MP3 recorder, and you lose it, you will regret you didn't dump the files. If you run out of space (unlikely) ditto.

7. For this, and general home PC files especially digital family photos and your court/word files; always make 2 copies of your PC being backed up. One copy on DVD's or external removable hard drive kept at home in a safe place, regularly backed up. Something happens to your PC; stolen, damaged, virus, fire etc., files are protected. Keep a second copy DVD or removable drive somewhere other than your house like a safe deposit box, locked drawer at work, mother's house or a real friend's house preferable password protected. This way, anything happens at have back up.

8. Buy an all in one scanner, photocopier, fax, laser printer that uses plain paper, about $200. Copy everything! I scanned all documents, saved them and did what I recommend in #7. You can print whatever number of copies you like. I scan every letter I mail, every kids report card, progress report, medical form, immunization, school trip, receipts for everything, scan scan scan scan and scan. Make back ups, catalog everything!

9. Buy a shredder or, use your fireplace like I do. I burn every paper I would like shredded, including offers for credit cards etc....DON"T FORGET THE ENVELOPES THEY COME IN! Imagine your ex, or some-one your ex convinced, to take your garbage to sift through it and find any info. I am not paranoid. I am CMA, covering my ass.
Old 08-16-2011, 11:16 AM
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Regarding number 7 - backup.

Home backup is dead! I use - fixed price per year, backs up in the background encrypted to the internet, no size limits. I also backup at home but really if the place burns down - you need off site backup.
Old 08-16-2011, 11:17 AM
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I also put tin foil on my head so that my stbx and his lawyer can't read my thoughts.
Old 08-16-2011, 12:05 PM
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OMG That's priceless...still laughing out loud here :-)
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