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Old 03-14-2019, 04:55 PM
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Default Court Ordered Drug test

My son was asked to provide 3 random drug tests which he agreed to during a family custody case conference.
His ex accused him of cocaine use, he agreed as the accusation is unfounded.
The outline for the order is within 3 months 3 tests within 24 hours of receiving word from the ex's lawyer.
Nothing but problems from the start...first lab they sent my son to did not do drug test...asked for a new sent him to another one and they do not do walk ins so it was impossible to get the test done within 24 hours.
Emailed the lawyer explaining the problem they sent another lab location with his 24 hours only to find that they too do not except walk ins and an appointment needs to be booked. Since the lawyer sent the email on a Friday afternoon and the lab is closed over the was again impossible to get the test done.
Another email to the lawyer was sent last week only to get a response back today that they booked an appointment for him Friday (tomorrow) at 130 but now my son has changed jobs and isn't able to get time off work!
...he has got one test done and came back clean.
Any advise on who he can talk to regarding the last two tests or is he at the mercy of the the ex's lawyer?
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Old 03-15-2019, 12:18 PM
iona6656 iona6656 is offline
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Delays happen. Just make sure he is documenting everything. Print out the emails and responses to the lawyer. Note the date, and times he went to get the testing done, etc etc.

What he needs to ensure is that it looks like he is taking the required testing seriously- in the case the other side is saying he's stalling/delaying on purpose.

Good luck to him.
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Old 03-15-2019, 11:44 PM
stillsoyoung stillsoyoung is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2018
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Thank you for the advice...he is taking it seriously and its so frustrating! We tried calling the court house for advise...tried calling the flic office (he lives about 2 hours from the court house) they do not return calls, doesn't qualify for legal aid...out of options!
He will keep all the correspondence, but it just looks bad.
Keeping fingers crossed
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