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Old 01-14-2015, 11:00 PM
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LovingFather32 is an unknown quantity at this point


She has to be talked in to giving you access by professional's. She doesn't respect you as a father whatsoever. You deserve as much access as any father does. Refer to this thread on the MCP:


I retract. Her disorders and meds sound like they have had a huge impact and it sounds as if you have GREAT documentation to back that up. You can use these Therapy reports. Show patterns of behavior while off meds compared to when she was on them somehow.

CAS involvement:

This seems to get better and better for you my friend. CAS likes your therapist reports. They depend on them. You should also. This is your golden egg.

Why Supervised?

Why the hell are your visits supervised? No allegations of any harm to the child, no evidence of abuse, no police involvement ever, no substance abuse... NOTHNG!! How they get away with this is beyond me. Is it on consent? So you have supervised access and she needs mediators to talk her in to it ... why because she says you have ADHD? Even if you did it's so damn common. Its laughable. Tell her to get on her meds. Ignore that. The judge will have a good laugh with that one.

Go to that CC resolution-focused. Bring your therapist notes. Try and get the CAS notes on it when they confronted her (you may need a 14B procedural motion to get those). Bring the access denials and the phony police report. Preach the maximum contact principle.

Come with a spectacular parenting plan, (supports, etc). Study the "Best Interests of the child (CLRA) and make every point.

Let her be high conflict. Let her point fingers. Let her discuss your ADHD. Let her try to explain why you need supervised. Sit back and let your documented evidence do all the work for you.

You're going to do well. You're the applicant. Supervised .. Absurd! Who's "supervising" you? What a crock!
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Old 02-06-2015, 12:34 AM
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pokeman has a little shameless behaviour in the past

James , read my post here

I sincerely feel for your situation and god bless you

after reading then if I said " if USA ever decides to invade us for oil or water dads would be somewhat better off , this country is a sh1thole for dads, so till then love thou neighbor but a neighbor who doesn't care much for socialists living next to them " you might understand

yup , I grew up as a kid wanting to fly fighter jets to defend this county, 4+ years in Family Court I'd just throw the enemy the keys

better shape up Canada cause the world is hearing more and more what a lie
you telling - a man beats a women in brazil its cbc front page while the courts surpress the truth within our own borders - feel good Canada while we strut around thinking everyone loves us cause dads are as free as a goldfish in a bowl and they know it!

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