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Old 03-31-2014, 01:38 PM
Feeling helpless Feeling helpless is offline
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I did call the police, he said it was an accident, she said it wasn't and that was the end of that. It was after this he distanced himself further.

Does anyone actually have experience of settling and the application still being left open by the judge?
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Old 03-31-2014, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Feeling helpless View Post
Yes, I am aware now that I should have obtained written agreement. However I have emails from my ex stating he couldn't give a sh*t about my daughter and to do as I wished.

I tried endlessly to ensure my daughter had a relationship with her father and certainly did nothing to alienate him.

While I agree that it is most definitely a good thing that he has straightened up his life, this has also had a negative affect in my daughter. I have been back to NS numerous times over the last few years and he has never agreed to my offer of seeing our daughter. Some of the last memories she has of him is when he left her black and blue.

There is obviously a lot more to this case but I didn't think I would end up bearing the brunt financially when he has never been interested or paid CS.

I don't understand why a father would try to sting the mother financially when it's the kids who suffer when there's no beans in the pot. It's not like he's not being offered access. To avoid substantial legal costs I'm even offering more than the OCL have recommended!
Was there a formal custody agreement in place prior to your move?

I'm reading between the lines here, but, it sounds like you didn't have a formal custody/child support agreement in place prior to your move. Now, he has filed a motion for access and you've responded by requesting the child support you should have requested years ago??

Why would you offer more access to an otherwise absent parent and has left your child "black and blue"?
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Old 03-31-2014, 02:00 PM
Feeling helpless Feeling helpless is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2014
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Feeling helpless is on a distinguished road

I applied for custody when my daughter was born. He did not contest it and it was granted.

Re: child support, my lawyer told me to check the box as legally he should be paying. Why force me to pay out thousands in legal fees when he hasn't so much as coughed up a dime in CS.

I offered more access to simply avoid paying trial costs. I was estimated $25k plus and we simply cannot afford this. So far we have spend just over $10k and it's all on credit cards.

My ex claims he kicked my daughter off of a bed by accident and she tore up her legs. Then she was hysterical about it and a plate accidentally slipped out of his hand and smashed on her foot, cutting it. That's the incident I refer to. My daughter claims he kicked her off the bed as he was tickling his girlfriend and she was in the way. She then said she wanted to go home when her legs were bleeding and he threw the plate in a rage.

OCL recommended no access but email and Skype. He asked for custody, then later changed this to access in his province (he's moving to NB apparently). We have offered supervised access with a view to it becoming unsupervised once a relationship has been re established.
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