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Old 08-06-2009, 12:22 PM
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Unhappy How to Leave?

Hello all,

I have a house, co-signed by my common-law spouse's father in law.. 2 children, and no cash.
We've resolved that i pay $1k / mth child support and we split on good terms.
I would like to move on as staying seems miserable, but she wants to iron out all the house/ etc her living arrangements before i go.

I am still there because i want to make sure the kids are looked after.. but feel i'll get the really short end of the stick if I wait too long.
MTG is 1500 bucks a month + utilities and groceries etc for living.
She makes 400 a mth from gov and roughly 4-600 babysitting other kids..

Would it be fair if i just paid the mtg. Sept 1, and left? that's 1500.
From then on pay 1k and start living my life again?

I know we have to either sell the house or rent it - she wants to do either but not until oct 1. if we wait til then - the school housing boom will be missed, not to mention we will have to sell the house likely at a loss because of INCO strike in suds.. already at a loss and she wants a realtor to sell the house - mtg is 204k and looks like 10k for realtor so we're lookign at 215k and house might sell for 190..

I'm swamped in consumer debt from trying to keep up with all the things we NEED to have and programs etc. for the kids which are a must, and maintaining a overindulging lifestyle which i am just as much to blame as anyone, so i'm thinking about going BANKRUPT.. how does that all fit into this equation - the house is owned 3 ways and 3 people on title and 3 people on mtg.. if I pull the BANKO pin does the house go for sale - if so i guess that means her father in law will have to pay the shortage?

It got to the point the other day that she screamed at me to pick up her sweater that i knocked off a hook and i kinda lost it and threw the sweater at her.. i think she called family court on me for that? man oh man i'm a bad guy - i don't like being screamed at ....

She served me with Custody papers stating the "table amount" for child support, and i in turn filled out the financial statement etc. and served her back accepting her good terms - she is not seeking spousal support at this time - however knowing her family ( a bunch of gold-diggers ) she'll submit for spousal support the minute i turn my back.

Anyway, i've walked 40km's this week 14k three times .. i'm doing that and taking care of myself to cope with this stress.. it's tough but my friends and co-workers have been very supportive..

I have let myself down to get to this point in my life - i have an H.B.Comm last yr I made 80k in sales commissions and this yr i'm losing my house, family and going banko.. not to mention 4 months ago my sister killed herself ( od on meds.. man tough.. love ya sis ) ..

I think i need to move on - I don't match up to the dream man that she wants and she doesn't do a lot for me other than yell at me..

But how do I go?

Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dalton.
Old 08-06-2009, 04:03 PM
Chris6900 Chris6900 is offline
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My opinion Dalton... it's not worth the stress, she is obviously making all the rules and you dont have to abide by what she wants anymore. you can make the mortgage payment and not live there and give her child support until it goes if it does to court where all the legal issues will be figured out including money that was paid out to her untill the property sold and so on. If it's over it's over. move on you deserve it.. time to let it go.
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