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Exclamation Settlement and disclosures

Hi, our settlement meetings are going on and I've been asked the following from my ex's lawyer:

1. My account statements post separation for the last 2 years. Note: financial disclosure has already been made and all income sources have been exchanged with tax returns for the last 4 years.

2. My resume that I submitted for my current job which I got post separation. Note: there's little difference between my salary from my previous job and my current job. I lost my previous job but got this new one in a month.

My questions are:

Are the above appropriate to be asked as the other party already has all my financial info as the financial disclosure has just been made a couple of months ago? (Just a side note that they have 6 months of statements which is part of the financial disclosure)

Is it appropriate to ask for my resume and if yes, what's the rationale?

What if I don't provide them with my last 2 years of bank statements since separation, what are the consequences? There's no court order for it and the lawyer has just sent an email asking me about this info. Although I have nothing to hide but I'm feeling uncomfortable as I don't know what their intentions are.

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