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We had signed a mediation/arbitration agreement, which meant if we were stuck on any point at any time, it would go to arbitration. I insisted on this as my x is a difficult personality and I was afraid as he had done in the past when we went for counselling, if he heard anything he didn't like, he would pick up and walk out.
I had submitted my brief a week before the med/arb date and he submitted his the day before. He knew my position before he wrote his brief, the only problem being, mine was based on fact and proof and his based on anger. It is interesting to note that his brief suggested me owing him a lot of money in retro support and in property, ( I suspect his lawyer positioned it like that to lure him to sign the med/ arb agreement) In fact he owed me.
I admit that all along I have been emotionally charged as I was treated unfairly by him , but to get back at him at any costs and PROVING myself in a public forum would be immature. Ohh you can get justice without appearing before a judge. Just be honest and let the proof speak for itself. It is an amazing feeling walking out after 4 hours feeling justice has been served, the truth prevailing and not an ounce of anger or emotion was left except relief.