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Default still wondering!!

Thanks for your input but you left out a couple of key points as to whether or not to open the can of worms. The Harley for one. Can she keep the bike and make me pay for it. Also don't forget the 20 year pension which on her last statement was valued at well over 100,000 where as mine is only at approx 11,000.

As far as demonstrating that she was a primary care giver to my son, that is not a problem at all as her work numbers were given to his school and various daycare facilities as the emergency contact. See my base earnings are only approx 70,000 the rest is overtime so you can imagine how much ot I worked. Not to mention he called her mom for over 3 years infront of everyone we know including his doctors and teachers etc.

So going by your numbers(even at the high end) with the child support+pension+debt. This would equate to much more then the spousal support. Does this sound about right or am I missing something???

Also I'm very curious to know the legalities of the Harley(loan in my name-ownership in hers) I don't mind her taking it as I have my own but definatly don't want to pay for it if she does.

Thanks again!!!