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Default seperation!!!

Hi I'm new here and would like to clarify a few things I think I understand after reading all the threads in this area and reading the family law act.
I have full legal custody of my 12 year old son from a previous marriage that broke up 7 years ago.I'm recently seperated from my common law girlfriend of 5 years. we own a house in both our names that is currently on the market for sale and also have numerous debts some joint and some personal. I'm the one that ended the relationship by asking her to move out, to which she did. In doing so I trusted her to take what we agreed to and leave the rest. She asked that I not be there as it would be to hard on her to see me there. I agree'd as I made the mistake of trusting her. She cleaned out the house and left nothing but mud on the floors behind including cleaning out my sons room. We had numerous bedroom suites as for the first 3 years her daughter lived with us(she's now 20 and on her own after we paid 26,000 in university tuition + 600.00 a month in rent for her to attend for two years). I say WE paid but I make approx.160,000 a year to her 30,000. She also had a son that stayed with his dad but came to our place every 2nd weekend. Since leaving in mid February she has moved in with another guy but I also have another girlfriend to which I will be moving in with once the house is sold.

Now that you have the background what I'm wondering is can she go after spousal support even though she's living with someone. Also we bought her a harley last year and the loan is in my name but the ownership is in her's. I have possesion of the bike as she can't afford the payments. Will I have a legal problem gaining ownership of said bike? Can she make me turn it over and make me keep paying for it?
She's worked for social services for almost 20 years and has a substantial pension and I've only been with my company for 4 years and have a minimal pension so am I to believe that I could go after half of her's. ( don't get me wrong I don't want to take her to the cleaners even after emptying my sons room). I just want to know what leverage I have if she goes after me for spousal support. I believe I can also go for child support even though I don't get a dime from his real mom as she's useless and allways on welfare (yea one works there and the other collects there, what irony).

My pupose is to force her to pay half of our incured joint debt which would be about 10,000 each after the house is sold, and not have to pay her support in leu of not touching her pension or asking for child support.

Does this sound reasonable? Will the courts agree(if it goes that far)???

Thanks for your time and sorry about the length of this thead!!!

PS My new girlfriend is wondering if my ex could go after anything of her's after I move in with her???