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Originally Posted by cashcow4ex View Post
Not that it has happened but I am curious to know what would happen if I ever won the lottery. What would my Ex wifes entitlement be to it? We have been divorced for 2 years now. She has custody and I have the kids every other weekend and every wednesday.
This is what I wrote and put in my SA in the CS section, and I feel it is fair given the concept that CS is based on income (adjusted yearly):

If either of the parents have income that is not reported on the Federal Tax return or alternative income calculation, then that income shall be added to the determined income amount for the purpose of child support calculation. This includes but is not limited to unreported income, lotteries or other winnings. This does not include money or assets received as a result of inheritance.

My SS agreement is not effected by current income, so it would not change that for me.