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Default Ordered Disclosure Ignored.

So what happens when the OP was ordered to disclosure information several items. Pay stubs... Health Benefits.. childrenís RESPS.. and life Insurance proof by a certain date and they have not done so? And it doesnít seem as they will?? It was an order upon consent with a deadline.

Just more bs and stalling I guess but we go back to see the same judge in September... So frustrating.

Ex demands OCL... then dicks them around and files conflict of interest for no reason... stalls court 4 times. Then finally OCL reports...

Then he disputes the very OCL he demanded.

Dispute didnít work. Nothing changed.

Then was ordered to disclose because the judge agreed ex is playing games with his pay and work hours by submitting 4-5 month old pay stubs with current financials.

I canít imagine the judge will be impressed.

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